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Why This Blog?
To share my experiences of living in San Francisco’s East Bay. I remember what it felt like when I moved here 16+ years ago not knowing anyone or where anything was. I had left my hometown of Los Angeles where my very large family is from. If you could not find something, then one of the 100+ relatives would help you. Being the solo clan member to venture out of Southern California, I quickly had to figure things out for myself. I have enjoyed exploring and discovering all parts of the greater SF East Bay and am proud to share my knowledge of the area’s parks, schools, lifestyle and amenities with my clients who come here from all parts of the world. Through this blog I will share the neighborhoods, schools, amenities and lifestyle of LaMorinda (Lafayette, Moraga, Orinda) and the surrounding areas.

About Cheryl
I have been a real estate professional for over 10 years in the San Francisco East Bay with 20+ years of corporate marketing and advertising experience. Past work experiences include marketing international consumer products (Swatch Watch & LA Gear), a major regional shopping center (Beverly Center) and a local specialty retailer (Beverages & more!).

I reside in Orinda with my daughter Kimiko and husband Les who is a dentist in Rockridge. My interests include personal growth, yoga, discovering the many dog parks & trails (on and off leash) with my dog Roxi, painting, quilting, cooking, and most of all watching my daughter grow up. Active community participation is important to me: Currently I am actively involved with the school and pool communities.

Work & pleasure travels have brought me to China, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, England, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, Austrailia, British Columbia & the Bahamas. Most cherished travel moment: swimming through the mouth of a giant clam on the Great Barrier Reef.


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