Dreaming of Chickens

I’ve been thinking about getting chickens for 2 years now and dreamed of a feathered flock of chicks who laid beautiful brown, blue and speckled eggs. It would be so nice to have fresh creamy eggs daily and give the surplus to friends and family. Clients have been asking me about raising chickens at the potential purchase properties I show them.  Stumbling upon a chicken tour in Alameda, I discovered how many San Francisco East Bay neighborhoods were already raising chickens.  The thought of having chickens has even influenced my painting….the painting above is in Diablo Foods in Lafayette.

There’s plenty of info on the net on building chicken coops, what kind of chickens to get, what color eggs they lay, which chickens are “nicer” than most, feed stores and have spoken to many friends who have chickens.    Still, two years later, I don’t have chickens!  The reason is that the only logical (and physical ) place to put them would be too close to my neighbor’s bedroom window and chickens do make noise as they talk to each other. Now I can only dream of having chickens. Cluck. Cluck.

So I am posting this article to share the information  & resources I found if you are on thinking about raising chickens in or near LaMorinda (Lafayette, Moraga, Orinda).

 What kind of chickens do you want? Did you know there were so many beautiful breeds?

There are so many beautiful breeds of chickens with gorgeous colors and equally intriguing egg colors. These sites were the most comprehensive lists to help you decide which chickens are for you.

Chicken Coops

There are almost as many types of coops to choose from as there houses on the market in LaMorinda…well almost. They range from a very basic build your own to a Cape Code Deluxe  “house.”

  • Backyard Chickens  People share their chicken experiences and ask questions of others

Where Do You Get Chickens or Chicks?

Our kindergarten teacher / next door neighbor used to hatch eggs in an incubator for the children to experience the hatching. Afterwards, she would give the chickens away.  You don’t have to hatch chickens from an egg, but it is a nice way to have your children involved. After speaking to friends with chickens, it seems that they all got them as chicks and watched them grow up. Some people kept them in a box in the house or garage until they were big enough to put in a coop. A majority of the people polled  had their chickens laying eggs after 4 months, but every breed is different and also, the environment is a factor as well.  Some chickens take up to 8 months to lay their first egg. Chickens can lay an egg a day in warmer weather and in colder weather taper the egg laying to one a week or stop laying eggs all together. Most agree a happy chicken is a prolific egg laying chicken.  Be sure to not get a rooster as they can become a noise factor for you and neighbors.

  • Alamo Hay & Grain The closest place to LaMorinda pick up chicks, feed, coops, information
  • You can also order from various online sources.

I hope you find this information useful and I will keep dreaming about chickens.


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Let my knowledge of San Franciso's East Bay help you find the neighborhood that fits your personality and pocketbook. Whether you are moving to LaMorinda for top rated schools; downsizing to the Oakland Hills to enjoy SF Bay views; or relocating from another state, I will help you navigate the nuances of each town to find the home that fits your lifestyle. LaMorinda (Lafayette, Moraga, Orinda) is where I live and I also cover other nearby East Bay towns such as Piedmont, Rockridge, Walnut Creek, Alamo, Danville & Blackhawk. 15 year resident, world traveler, parent & painter.
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